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Dr. ARif Patel Preston UK

Arif Patel

Arif Patel – A revolutionary Dentist and Inspiring Educator From Preston UK

Arif Patel Biography – About Us

Arif Patel Preston UK

Arif Patel, a distinguished dentist and accomplished educator, was born on November 11, 1971, in Dubai, UAE. With French nationality, he initiated a transformative journey from Dubai to Preston, United Kingdom, where he made significant contributions to the field of dentistry. Having a stellar academic background and deep passion for education, Arif Patel has emerged as a renowned figure in the medical community. Apart from his illustrious career, he finds comfort in literature, poetry, and engages in sports such as golf and tennis, reflecting his multifaceted interests.

Arif Patel
Arif Patel UK

Arif Patel UK

Education and Early Career

Arif Patel started his academics at St. Bonadventure University, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree cum laude in 1990. His dedication and commitment to the field of dentistry led him to Georgetown University, where he earned his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree in 1994. With deep knowledge and expertise, Arif was ready to embark on his journey in the world of dentistry.


State Dental License, United Kingdom | American Board of Dentistry Certification

Professional Affiliations

American Dental Association | British Dental Association | Dental Education Society


Literature and Poetry | Golf | Tennis

Establishing a Foundation

From 1994 to 1996, Arif Patel served as a resident in general practice at a prestigious Medical Center in Buffalo, New York, United States. This early experience allowed him to gain valuable insights and hands-on training in various aspects of dentistry. His dedication to the profession and passion for teaching soon led him to the next phase of his career.

His contribution as an Educator

From 1996 to 2000, Arif Patel took on the role of a clinical instructor at the State University of New York. As an educator, he shared his vast knowledge and expertise with aspiring dentists, shaping the future of the dental profession through his mentorship. His commitment to education and excellence in teaching earned him recognition and admiration from colleagues and students alike.

Leading HSM Dental Centre – Preston with achievements

In 2000, Arif Patel assumed the pivotal role of heading the HSM Dental Centre in Preston, United Kingdom. Under his leadership, the dental center thrived and earned a reputation for providing top-notch dental care to the community. As a visionary leader, he has continued to innovate and enhance dental practices, ensuring that patients receive the best possible treatment.

Arif Patel’s firm dedication to dentistry and education is noticed by everyone. His exceptional contributions to the field have been recognized by Preston Magazine, which listed him as a noteworthy dentistry educator. This achievement is a result of his commitment to providing quality education and guidance to the dental community.

Arif Patel Preston

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Apart from his professional accomplishments, Arif Patel possesses diverse interests that enrich his life. A true bibliophile, he finds solace in literature and poetry, exploring the depths of imagination through the written word. Additionally, he nurtures a passion for sports, actively engaging in golf and tennis, which provide a healthy balance to his life.

A Multifaceted Person Arif Patel Preston UK